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Charging For Content

Content so good you could charge for it?

Many PlaybookBuilder clients use our software as a courseware too. We make it easy to collect payments through Stripe, create coupons, and build a custom landing page.

Product Page

Create multiple products.

The product page function gives you the freedom to decide how you’ll frame your offer and how you’ll be paid. Connect to a Playbook or Team of users and set your fee.

Create Coupons

Create custom coupons and set parameters.

Drive adoption with PlaybookBuilder’s flexible coupon function. Name your coupon, set the amount or percent off, time limit and redemption parameters.

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Payment Gateways

Stripe and Go.

PlaybookBuilder uses Stripe as a payment gateway because it remains the most widely used and trusted platform. It’s easy to set up and integrates perfectly.


Plays nice with others.

Integrate PlaybookBuilder with your other apps!