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Our Story

We started with a simple question.

In 2009 we were busy capturing wisdom and mapping processes for successful entrepreneurs and business owners when we recognized we’d discovered something important. We’d asked, “What if we also captured the STORIES that go along with the processes we are mapping?

And voila! PlaybookBuilder was born.

With a heart for the people inside of companies, and over 20,000 hours being inside those businesses right alongside the men and women who make them run, we’ve learned a thing or two.

Things are messy inside everyone’s business; not just yours. No matter how successful the organization, there is always a little chaos going on behind the scenes and it’s critical to reduce it.

“Easy” wins. No matter how powerful a technology solution may be, the easier the better.

Automation = time leverage. We’ve invested in making sure PlaybookBuilder can offload tasks and simplify routines because teams don’t have time for anything less.

The one constant is change. We’ve always known we’d need a solution that made content creation, edits, adds, etc. super easy.

EQ will be the killer app of the 21st Century. No matter how fast Ai encroaches into our world, the secret of success will still be how we engage and connect with others…so PlaybookBuilder needed to accentuate communication, storytelling and the power of people.

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