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Stay Connected

Help your team stay connected.

PlaybookBuilder helps teams stay in the loop with a robust suite of communication tools.


Automations to make your life simpler.

PlaybookBuilder’s campaign function allows you to set triggers for emails or SMS texts that allow you to automate connections. Simply draft your email or SMS text and set the parameters.

Automation Process

Connect with automated communication.

1. Add Users

Onboard new users.

2. Send Email

Set up communications in a click.

3. Follow-Up Email

Create automations for campaigns.

4. Automation Complete

Sit back and relax!

Quick and Simple

Create and connect with a click.

Alerts enable content creators to push out text or email blasts with content links to specific training assets. Reach a single user, a team of users, or the entire company.

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Triggers = Freedom

Want to drive adoption with training but don’t have the time to micromanage it? Set an automated reminder for users who haven’t been in the software in a while and never have to remind them again.


Plays nice with others.

Integrate PlaybookBuilder with your other apps!