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Charge for Content

Create Value

Transform what you know into an online course.

PlaybookBuilder enables content creators to build, share, and charge for their content. Our powerful payment features allow you to build product landing pages, set your pricing model, add coupons and track payments.

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Power of Connections

Monetize your wisdom.

For some entrepreneurs, what they know is so valuable they could charge for it. And with PlaybookBuilder, they do. Have a course or program? Do you have tools that you share with your clients that really resonate? Maybe it’s time to scale with a new model.

Powerful payment function.

Add tools, videos, quizzes, and forms.

Intuitive user interface.

Individual, team, or platform-wide reporting.


Take your knowledge to your industry with a licensing play.

PlaybookBuilder helps top tier professionals to open a new revenue stream in their business by licensing their intellectual property to others in their industry. Build a playbook for your team and then charge others to access it.

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Maximize your business

Recurring, passive income.

Create your very own dynamic landing page.

Add customized payment structures and coupons.

Automate communication with SMS texting or email.

“PlaybookBuilder has completely changed the business that I run. With it, I am able to scale my operation simply and easily while being on the go almost constantly.”

David Allen
DA Enterprises