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Onboarding New People

The onboarding solution that covers culture.

PlaybookBuilder lets you put all your policies, procedures, and stories in one place. What would you like to share with the newest member of your team?

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Video Content

Video transforms the learning experience.

Create an onboarding experience that begins before their first day and get them up and running faster. Allow them to understand who you are, what you do, and how they can participate in the vision.

Pre-Built Onboarding Template.

Easy drag-and-drop functionality.

Set up in seconds.

Add video, links, files, and forms/quizzes.

Managing Processes

Manage the entire onboarding process in one place.

Create Consistency

Abolish “inconsistency” from your vocabulary.

Never again worry that an inconsistent onboarding experience led to poor performance from a new member of the team. PlaybookBuilder allows you to create a powerful first impression and a deep resource for your newbies even if you’re not available to administer it.

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Keeping Consistency

Keep connected even if you’re not onsite.

Build a playbook that reflects your values, culture, and community using video, links, files, and even QR codes.
Monitor activity, easily track the status of training, and support your new person to success.
Automate email or SMS Text touches to keep new people coming back for more.
Real Testimonials

“PlaybookBuilder allowed me to free up my time. It’s easy to use, easy to maintain, and it’s helped us to improve our training.”

John Galego, President Atlas Wealth