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Core Process Work: Where to get started?

Ok you’re charged up.  You’re ready to tackle the processes in your organization once and for all.  It’s time.  You’re motivated.  The team is motivated.  But…where in the heck do we start?  Which one goes first?

I’ve had this conversation hundreds of times with Integrators and Visionary types alike.  The promise of systemizing the business is compelling.  But setting a priority is hard.

Let me walk you through my process for how to prioritize process:

  1. First, list out a dozen Core Processes you need to address.  Don’t do more than twelve.
  2. Second, score each Core Process listed with a check mark based on the following criteria:
    • Urgency?  Is there some sort of an issue here that’s urgent and needs to be addressed?
    • Big ROI?  Will you see a big gain by tackling this one?  Are you likely to see a huge return on your investment of time and energy?
    • Process Perfected?  Some processes are in flux because of a software change-over or a new product or service offering.  You might have a big dispute about how a process should be run.  You might be in the middle of a merger.
    • Leadership Wants It?  Pick the pet project of your leadership team to make sure you have the resources and support you need to drive adoption.
    • Process is Mapped?  Do you have the process already laid out?  Do you have it mapped yet?  If you find yourself in a tie between two equally valuable Core Processes to tackle, pick the one that’s already mapped.
    • SMEs Identified?  If you know your WHO for this process, you get a check because it’s really half the battle and a critical criteria for deciding where to start.
  3. OK so now you need to add up the check marks.  Which ones got the highest scores?
  4. Grab up your top three and rank them in order of priority.

There you go, a simple formula for thinking this part through.

Want a free Process Priority Tool?  Download it here, Core Process Priority Tool.