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Team Training

Capture and share

Capture and share the processes for everything.

PlaybookBuilder helps operations leaders capture best practices, process, and institutional knowledge to share with everyone on their teams. Operationalize everything, provide peer-to-peer training, and measure adoption using our powerful reporting feature to know where the gaps are, and who needs to improve.

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Map Processes

Process is the backbone of every operation.

PlaybookBuilder makes it easy to map a process, add a few videos, other assets like files, links, quizzes or QR codes, and then share with the team. Reduce drag in your organization by ensuring everyone knows to do their role perfectly.

Upload, embed or record video right in the application.

Easy drag-and-drop functionality.

QR Codes for virtual training.

Individual, team, or platform-wide reporting.

Best Practices

Get everyone to follow the leader.

PlaybookBuilder enables smart organizations to capture the best practices and procedures of their best people. Capture the peer-to-peer lessons from internal subject matter experts and if you ever lose that key person, you’ll still have the benefit of their knowledge forever.

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Create Versatility

Every winning team has a playbook.

Mobile ready for on-the-go.

Track, measure & manage.

Automate SMS texting or email.

“When we first started down the road we used Teachable – but we found PlaybookBuilder to be so much easier to use….we switched.”

Brian Zawada, Founder