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Merge, Acquire, Sell

Increase Value

Increase the value of your asset.

PlaybookBuilder enables business owners to do more with their business than ever before. With our powerful suite of process tools, you can merge, acquire or sell your business for a higher multiple because you’ve made it turnkey.

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Power of Connections

Monetize your business.

Ready to say yes to explosive growth without the headaches? PlaybookBuilder can support your most ambitious acquisition or exit goals by ensuring you can capture and share operations and culture seamlessly.

Capture the wisdom inside your business.

Protect your intellectual property forever.

Intuitive user interface.

Individual, team, or platform-wide reporting.

Valuable tools

Open up the throttle on your appetite for growth.

PlaybookBuilder helps cultures blend and operations integrate by providing the tools, training, and solid communication sharing M&A requires. By operationalizing your business, it can become a more valuable asset.

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Create Versatility

Every winning team has a playbook.

Processes for every department.

Onboarding for new people.

Automate SMS texting or email.

“PlaybookBuilder absolutely has changed our world.”

Kevin Bassett, Founder
Bassett CPA