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It’s team ENGAGEMENT stupid!

Political Strategist for Bill Clinton, James Carville said “it’s the economy, stupid!” in 1992 when directing his campaign team on where to focus.  It became a catchphrase that grew to legendary status.  You might have heard it.  The phrase draws it’s power from the idea that while we’re busy chasing results we might be missing the obvious thing that makes the biggest difference.

When it comes to PlaybookBuilder clients I’ve become increasingly outspoken about the notion that it’s ALL about engagement.  If you’re not driving people to consume your content then you’re wasting your time.  Make processes.  Make playbooks.  Make videos.  Heck make a hundred of them…but no one will see them unless you drive engagement.

Put another way – I bet you ALREADY have process content posted in the cloud in a half-a-dozen different applications – LinkedIn, Sharepoint, Google Drives, YouTube.  But content being loaded into the cloud hasn’t solved your problem.  Accessibility isn’t the issue – it’s connecting users to the content that drives engagement.

So how do we do that?

Three KEY features in PlaybookBuilder that you should be using right now are listed below.  I’ll explain what they are and then link to the online tutorials on how to use these features:

  1. Blast an ALERT.  In the Communications Suite there is a tab for ALERTS.  You might be all over this but if you’re hoping to drive engagement sending out Alerts is a critical tool.  Send an email.  Send a text!  Link to content INSIDE of Playbooks.  Let them see that there is new and valuable information being posted in PlaybookBuilder instead of through email and you’re on your way to driving engagement. How to Send an Alert
  2. Automate CAMPAIGNS. Again, in the Communications Suite head over to the CAMPAIGNS section.  One powerful feature in PlaybookBuilder is the equivalent of a full-blown marketing software we built in it that has the capability to send targeted messages based on user behavior.  What does that mean in plain speak?  You can PRE-load emails that will trigger based on what your users are doing.  You trigger an email or a text because you’ve added someone to the platform.  You can trigger an email (or text) because someone received an email two days ago like in a sequence.  You can build a 12 month drip campaign that’s totally automated.  You can even set triggers to fire an email if someone hasn’t logged-in in a while.  Totally automated – simplifies your life and keeps your users coming back even if you’re busy.  How to Create a Campaign.
  3. Run REPORTS. Accountability is borne from setting clear, well-known targets.  How can you determine if your team are getting through the training you created unless you pull reports on them and share.  “A” Players LOVE accountability but “B” and “C” players don’t…so don’t be surprised if you get some pushback.  Running reports can be created for everyone on the platform, for a Team of users, or just for a single individual.  Use them to drive accountability and engagement.

John Wayne once quipped, “Life is hard.  It’s harder if you’re stupid.”  Don’t be stupid.  Driven Engagement, it’s where your PlaybookBuilder project begins to drive measurable and important results for you and your team.

Give me a shout if you’d like a tour or have questions about your account:   Click HERE to schedule.

All my best,

Jon LoDuca