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Capture and share the processes for everything.

Every winning team has a playbook.

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Set-up and build in a blink

Create playbooks in under a minute.

PlaybookBuilder is so easy and intuitive you will be building playbooks within 60 seconds of launching your account without any training needed. Select a template, name it, and start adding assets immediately. The easy-to-use visual interface makes building playbooks, adding users, and automating communication a breeze.


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Capture and Share

Amplify what makes your company great.

Build a playbook of your company’s best plays starting with a job function, a workflow, process, or a unique curriculum. Each playbook houses the text, videos, links, quizzes, even QR codes, that bring your training to life. And the best part? Once you’ve built your playbooks you can share them through automated emails, texts, or even charge for them if that’s your thing.

Measure engagement

Drive transparency and accountability.

Want to understand how your content is driving change? The right place to start is by measuring what’s being viewed, by whom, and when. Our reports couldn’t decide if they wanted to be beautiful or powerful – so they’re both. With data visualization and data drill-downs you’ll know what your team is doing and how to support them best.

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Book My Time
drive culture

Build a company campfire.

You create a new video. It’s powerful and everyone needs to see it. Now what? Create a team-wide alert as an SMS text that links right to your video. Need to send it now? Go right ahead. Well, on second thought…it’s 2am so maybe not. Not a problem, schedule it for tomorrow morning at 8am and go back to sleep. Want to send it every day for a week? We can do that. And then run a report to see who’s watched it. Of course! PlaybookBuilder has you covered.

Learn on the go

QR codes take your training to the field.

Transform your world into one big learning sandbox with PlaybookBuilder. Our QR code generator helps you create an AR interface with the physical spaces and objects that require training, support, and information. And with our mobile and tablet interface, PlaybookBuilder looks and operates like a dream.

Easy Editing

Drag, Drop, and Sort.

PlaybookBuilder makes it easy to manipulate playbook content so you can adjust and edit with simplicity.

Integrate and Automate

PlaybookBuilder + Zapier = Awesome

Already have a few software applications you’re using? PlaybookBuilder can interact with them and simplify, streamline, and supercharge your workflow. Manage users, updates, and communication across platforms so you don’t have to manage multiple user lists. We integrate with hundreds of applications so your workflow is easier and connections are faster.

all in one place

Manage, sort, and locate content easily.

Store your files, videos, links and quizzes all organized around the workflows that your team conducts. Drag and drop files, use advanced search capabilities to find everything and never lose the context.

superb support

Always here for you!

Our domestic development and support team are here to help. We pride ourselves on our rapid response, dedicated professionals, and expansive knowledge base with articles and tutorials, tools, and best practices to help you build and manage playbooks like a pro.

safe and secure

Enterprise-grade security for everyone.

PlaybookBuilder is used by teams around the world, so we take the protection of your data seriously. Customizable permissions help you determine who can access what, including outside guests and vendors, so you can make sure the right data is shared with the right people and in the right place.