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An Interview with PlaybookBuilder Certified Consultant – Robert Frieling

Meet Robert Frieling of HIT Consulting, one of our talented PlaybookBuilder consultants, as he shares about his process and the value of Playbook in this new video.


“I have core values within my life that I translate into the way I do work…and it’s honest – honesty, it’s integrity, it’s transparency, it’s trust.  I’m not out to sell them something. I want to learn a little about thier business and know if this business makes sense for us to partner with as Playbook.

PlaybookBuilder is a tool that will allow your company to gather all the information, the best practices from the best people you have within your business and share that information with everybody throughout the business.  You’re going to take the best-of-the-best within your business, video that information and then share that information with anybody that needs it.

All those processes that everybody is constantly questioning, that they don’t know, that there is only one person in the business that has those answers, we’re going to gather that information in one place that everybody in your company, if they are working at your location here, if they are working at your location six states away, still has access to.

I’ve spent a lot of time working with business owners, digging deep into what they’re doing and helping them out. I know a lot about a lot of different businesses but I’m not going to be an expert on every business. What I am an expert on is getting information out of a business owner because they know that they can talk to me, they know they can trust me because I’ve been in their shoes. I know what it’s like to own and I also know what it’s like to work in a business – if you’re not just a business owner – but also from a management perspective…

The process of working with us at Playbook – initially it’s going to be a phone call. I’m going to talk with you a little bit and find out this is something you’re interested in doing.  I’m going to explain to you the benefits of Playbook. Once we get to that point where you realize, “ok this is a tool we could definitely use”. So then we talk through a little bit and I’ll say, “OK you’re not going to need to have all this information right away to put into your Playbook.” I’m going to help pull a lot of that information out from your people that we are going to put into your Playbook.  I’m also going to make some recommendations for some things that should go into your Playbook.  

Once we get to that point, we’re going to schedule time and I’m going to come out.  I’m going to come out and spend a day, a day and a half, two days with you. I’ll bring equipment with me.  We’ll have a schedule set up – in fact, I’ll schedule a meeting a week before with you and other members of the team to talk a little bit about what we’re doing.  We’ll schedule things so when I come out we might film 15 to 20 different people within the two day period. It might be more than that. These are 2-3 minute videos. Some of them might be 30 second videos.  But we’re going to film multiple videos of multiple people within your office.

So you’re going to say, “Why is that so important?”

Is your business the same as every other business that’s out there? You talk about the passion that you have within your business? There are people that work for you that have a similar passion too.   The passion can be for the business. The passion can be for what they do. The passion can be the commitment they have for your customers. Those passions are things that we need to pull out of you and out of your team and it’s not going to be the same as every other business. Your business is unique and that’s – your Playbook will be, is unique to you. 

So one of the questions that people ask me too is, “if you come out and film our employees, our members…who are you going to choose to film?”

I’ll sit down with you ahead of time and we’ll talk with you and say, “ok listen, we’ve got, what are some of the areas you want to have brought up within your company.  We call them, like, Subject Matter Experts. So you’re going to define who those people are and those are some of the people we’re going to want to interview. And the reason we want to do that is because we want you to pick the best of the best.  And those are people, we want them to share their story, so by them sharing their story they can help people within the company become even better.

The cool thing about Playbook we can measure if it is working. We have reporting tools you can use to find out have people gone on Playbook, have they watched the videos that we posted? Have they taken the quizzes that we’ve asked them to do. Are they utilizing the QR codes? How much is it actually being used?

So the key to Playbook is not to get all this information in there – the key to Playbook is the utilization of Playbook… because if your Playbook is built with the information that your teammates are looking for, they will use it.

Are you doing today the same thing that you were doing a year ago? Five years ago? 10 years ago? Your business progresses. Your business grows, Playbook is going to grow. You add a new location, you might do a separate Playbook for that location.  You add new jobs, you add new processes, all of that just keeps getting added right back into your Playbook 

We have 24/7 support for Playbook that’s online, that we have a support team that will help with any issues you have with Playbook. I am still available to work with you as often as you want. I’m sure that a lot of times you’re concerned going, “I just don’t know if the timing is right right now”… when is the timing ever right? Let’s get something scheduled, we can have this all set for you in a month.

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