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Growing Top Line Won’t Outrun Some Problems

Dear you,

I am the Ghost of Business Future.  I’d like to show you your life in 2025 – see if I can talk some sense into you.  So get comfortable, we’re going to have a little chat about your business and your lifestyle today because, well, your future depends on it. 


Yes, you grew a lot from back in 2020.  Things kept getting bigger and crazier.  And now in 2025 the business has higher revenues.  Good for you, all that emphasis on sales and marketing paid off.   But here’s the thing and it may surprise you; you now have lower margins.  You actually have less in terms of time margins, less in terms of financial margins. 


photo credit - iStock

photo credit – iStock


Why?  Because, the business never became operationalized.  You never took the time to lock down process, roles, or culture.

You see back in 2020 you thought things were nuts.  But they were just the beginning.  You kept thinking if you could JUST KEEP GROWING you could stay ahead of the operational issues that you hated to address.  The people issues.  The process issues.  Those things were boring and frustrating and so you did what so many others do, you put your focus on growing the top line and neglected the foundation. 

You’d convinced yourself you’d, “grow your way out of it.”   You thought you’d outrun it. But it didn’t pan out.




Instead of killing that monster while he was small, you ended up creating a bigger, messier and more complex monster because – as you will one day learn –  you can’t outrun certain problems.  They just keep chasing you.  And now, here in 2025 you’re pretty low.  No time for vacations, tons of new clients and staff to manage, and lots of “busyness” but you’re not enjoying more peace, more serenity, or a better income.  The business might be bigger but you’re still running around patching business leaks.   So much for success! 

If only you’d listened.  If only you’d built the processes into your business when things were relatively small.  You kept saying, “We’ll get to it when things slow down a little.”….But they never did.  You kept saying, “The staff are really busy right now with this other project”…But they just remained busy.  

You kept saying “yes” to more complexity instead of locking down the basics. 

It’s so obvious even a ghost can see your folly!  But I am here to tell you, there is still time!!  You can change your future!  Take action my good man and alter the course of your business today so you can protect the growth that’s coming your way!

What’s that?  You want to know where to get started? 



Start with ONE process, one area that could have a big financial impact.  Map it, outline it, and build it out so you can teach the team how to support it. Then go from there.

You’ll be glad you did.  A business run with processes is easier to scale.  It’s easier to sell and it’ll protect your future you!