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Author: pbookbuilder

PlaybookBuilder Customer Endorsement

Meet Mark Chirgwin of Bender Plumbing explain about the value and the experience of working with PlaybookBuilder. “Communication is so important and it’s so hard. Having one platform that everyone can be on and access everything they need, and be able to hit the right

The Onboarding Advantage

When it comes to onboarding younger team members – developing an authentic connection within the first 90 days is now a critical success factor.

5 Steps to Building a Company Campfire

To build a Company Campfire you need to capture and then leverage stories.  The story is the most powerful tool we have for sharing the What, the Who, When and most importantly, the Why of a given episode.

Onboarding New Hires with PlaybookBuilder

Leveraging video training to accelerate and make consistent your onboarding is a huge advantage that pays dividends in all the important areas: Simplicity, speed, consistency, and making that solid first impression, “yes, we’re ready for you Ms. A Player.”