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PlaybookBuilder ChatGPT Integration

Take a free 30 Day Trial FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PlaybookBuilder Announces Breakthrough Integration of ChatGPT In a Business Process Software INDIANAPOLIS, April 20, 2023 – PlaybookBuilder, the video-first business process platform, today announced at the EOS Worldwide Conference it has incorporated ChatGPT into its application,

The Knowledge Management Advantage

As a civilization, we are experiencing an insidious creep in time constraints, complexity, and pacing.  Technology of every type has had the greatest influence in this. The change is subtle enough that we’re not alarmed…but we’re certainly experiencing a low-grade overwhelm. For business owners and

Drive Engagement

It’s team ENGAGEMENT stupid!

Political Strategist for Bill Clinton, James Carville said “it’s the economy, stupid!” in 1992 when directing his campaign team on where to focus.  It became a catchphrase that grew to legendary status.  You might have heard it.  The phrase draws it’s power from the idea

Core Process Work: Where to get started?

Ok you’re charged up.  You’re ready to tackle the processes in your organization once and for all.  It’s time.  You’re motivated.  The team is motivated.  But…where in the heck do we start?  Which one goes first? I’ve had this conversation hundreds of times with Integrators

How to Design a Unique Client Experience

Differentiation through client experience design offers you a significant advantage.  Especially for highly-commoditized products and services!  In this blog, I’ll outline what I know. For twenty years we’ve been closely aligned with the foremost entrepreneur coaching company in the US, CAN and the UK.  Those

Top 10 Drivers of Top Line Using PlaybookBuilder

Looking to go and grow in 2022?  We can help.  We’re passionate about growth mindset entrepreneurs and business teams that are dedicated to moving the needle.  And PlaybookBuilder was built to help you go there. Here’s the top ten list.  I hope it gets your