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Top 10 Drivers of Top Line Using PlaybookBuilder

Looking to go and grow in 2022?  We can help.  We’re passionate about growth mindset entrepreneurs and business teams that are dedicated to moving the needle.  And PlaybookBuilder was built to help you go there.

Here’s the top ten list.  I hope it gets your creativity up.

10. Clone your top sales person – map what they know and scale it to everyone else…before they quit.

9.  Say a confident “Hell Yes” to M&A – you’ve been wanting to do it for ages.  Say yes.

8.  Recruit Top Talent – finally, you can onboard and train them like a boss

7.  Reduce drag – OK, not a top line solution but so what.  Profit matters more.

6.  Improve Speed to Utilization – Get new hires into the slot and performing at 100% productivity

5.  Finally work up the courage to fire “that guy” – Nuff said.

4.  Open a satellite office.  Heck, open 20 – Make geography irrelevant

3.  License your approach to others in your industry.  Yep.  I said it.  You really can and I can show you how.

2.  Offer your best ideas and tools as an ONLINE COURSE – because you’re awesome and people want your wisdom

And the #1 way?

1. Sell your business for more because you made it turnkey – go ahead make your own day.

If you love that sweet, sweet top line growth, you have to have gotten something out of this list that grabbed you.  Now you know what you need to do!

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