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5 Reasons You Need an Online Course

Nope, the “COVID Pivot” isn’t a dance move – instead, it’s what smart businesses are doing to find new opportunities during this weird pandemic year.

For our clients, we hear they’re using PlaybookBuilder in new and interesting ways to monetize their wisdom. One of those became so compelling we spent the year chasing it: The Online Course. It all started with Kevin Bassett, a CPA client of ours who reported to me he was making an extra $70k a MONTH using PlaybookBuilder. You can watch my interview with Kevin here.

But let’s get to the top 5 reasons you’d love to have your very own online course.

NUMBER FIVE: Because CREATING a course will help you define your wisdom and process and that alone make you better at what you do and better at delivering it.

NUMBER FOUR: Because the marketing of your course will be great exposure for your brand even before anyone signs up for it.

NUMBER THREE: Because an online course is a great way to open your business to clients outside your trading area and generate NEW REVENUE you’d never otherwise get.

NUMBER TWO: Because an online course is an ADDITIONAL stream of revenue from your EXISTING client base. When clients want more of your time and you don’t have more time in your schedule it’s time to think Online Course.

NUMBER ONE: Because passive, recurring revenue is the nectar of the gods. Duh.

Building your own online course is an easy way to drive new revenue either with your existing clients or by opening up new frontiers and new opportunities for your business. Want to take PlaybookBuilder for a free two-week spin? Take us out for a try.