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How to Plan Your PlaybookBuilder Project

You’re in. Your people are in. Now what? Where do we begin?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get moving along and keep the pace:

Mainly, there are three elements of a PlaybookBuilder project that need to be discussed with the project leadership:  Design, Build, and Launch.


1.    Define a Steering Committee – a multi-faceted team on the client’s side that include voices that represent business goals, subject matter experts, technical management of the software, content creation, and marketing.

a.    Business Leader:  This person defines the KPIs that are to be enhanced by your PlaybookBuilder initiative.

b.    Content Curator:  This role is content design oriented and includes the selection of Subject Matter Experts

c.    Technician:  This person will operate the software.  They will add users, send messages, update content, and pull usage reports.

d.    Marketing: This role includes early and late promotion of the initiative to drive adoption and utilization.

2.    Who is our target audience and what insights do we have about them?  Usage needs?  Languages?  Device preference?  Closed Captioning?  Etc.

3.    Content Creation – Develop a curriculum and structure the content

4.    Video format – DIY on a phone or professional production?  Tradeoffs are DIY allows the playbook content to pivot and remain responsive to the needs of the organization because it can be produced quickly while professional content – slower to create – makes a better impression.  It looks nicer.

5.    Defining Subject Matter Experts – SMEs are knowledgeable people on your team that could be interviewed on camera to represent your company

6.    Develop a content creation schedule and organize all parties

7.    Measurement – How will we know we’re winning? Decide on the measurements on the front end so you (and everyone else) is very clear.



1.    Interview SMEs on camera – we recommend a casual documentary interview style instead of asking them to memorize ideas. Just sit opposite the camera and ask questions while they answer.

2.    Capture or create To Do Lists from SME interviews – while you’re listening during the interviews you’ll see plenty of opportunities to create tools from the content – To Do Lists, PPTs, attachments and other content enhancements beyond the videos.

3.    PlaybookBuilder Software Account Set Up – teams, logo set up, color scheme updated, etc.

4.    Playbook assembly – Upload your text, files and videos loaded into Playbook

5.    Create drip emails in the PlaybookBuilder software. Go into the campaigns area inside the Communication Section and create your drip emais.

6.    Reconnect with the Steering Committee to audit and review the Playbook


1.    Add users – you CAN add them bulk. Just be sure to connect them to the correct teams.

2.    Rollout awareness campaign – we recommend sending an email from your normal account so people know to expect one from PlaybookBuilder.

3.    Initiate measurement protocols – Since you began the project by defining your goals for the project – it’s now time to start measuring outcomes to determine if your efforts are working.

As you can see from the emphasis on DESIGN – it’s all in the planning. Like most things,
”measure twice, cut once” is great advice and applies here absolutely. Your tendency might be to dive in but you’ll find that coordinating up front first makes this project fun and easy.

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