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How to Architect Your Playbook

How to Architect Your Playbook

“Ok the PlaybookBuilder software is powerful and super easy to use.  And we have content, loads of it actually that’s been accumulating for years.  Our problem is, we don’t know how to get started.”

If you’re feeling anything like the person quoted above – you’re not alone.  In fact, you’re like most of us.  Digital photos, files, videos, PPTs, “stuff” can accumulate because storage is cheap.  Because things accumulate it makes it harder to organize, simplify, or put the RIGHT items into a company Playbook.

Let’s dive in.

Job #1:  You need to know which playbook needs to be done first.  Your first task is to get clarity about the playbook project that will either A:  Reduce pain or B:  Help to capture gain.  One of those two is keeping you or your leaders up at night and if your first project aligns with those, then you’re going to get and keep support.  

If you’re a senior leader, ask yourself what is the PRIORITY and if you aren’t the head of your organization, ask them before diving in.

Job #2:  Define the WHO.  Sounds obvious but sometimes we assume “learning is learning” and then just put “things” into the cloud.  

Stop.  Wait.  Don’t do that.  

Instead consider your audience.  Marketers get this.  They understand that the marketing needs to match the audience.  Well, your playbook content, design, emphasis and assets need to meet the needs of your audience.  

This is a big one so don’t rush it.

Define WHO you are creating the playbook for and what they’re like.  Are they experts or novices?  How old are they on average? Are they readers or watchers?  Remote or onsite?  Are they mobile?  Are they new to the company?  New to the industry?  Are they self-directing their learning or is someone pushing them along?  All of it will matter.   

Job #3:  Define the learner’s transformation.  No one takes the time to learn because they just don’t have enough stuff to do.  If you are training staff, they probably already have plenty on their plates.  People learn because it helps THEM.   So, you better deliver a valuable promise to them and that’s a transformation from a STATE A (where they are now) to a STATE B (where they’d love to be).

Think infomercials.  You know those late night TV commercials?  “Are you frustrated trying to cut tomatoes with an inferior knife?”  

Yes, those commercials.  

They do a great job of helping the person watching to define STATE A.  And once there is buy-in, they show what the payoff is, STATE B.  “It slices…it dices!”  All the BENEFITS.

Defining this REALLY helps you understand what needs to be in the playbook.  So instead of starting with, “we have all this stuff, let’s throw it in there” instead ask, “what do they really NEED in order to achieve the transformation they want?”  It’s a different path and will lead to a smarter and more targeted playbook.  

Need more help?  You’re not alone.  Give us a shout and we’ll hop into the mix with you!