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Speed to Utilization

Have you ever considered how LONG it takes people on your team to be…well, useful?

They join with their many gifts and skills but until they learn how things work, they look more like a cost than an investment.  And given the turnover with new people, it’s painful to even consider how many times you’ve poured into a new hire, tolerated their slow onboarding, and then they leave anyway right when they became a contributing member.

Let me introduce you to a new term:  Speed to Utilization.  It’s the pace at which you can have a new hire operational and executing job functions successfully. And for your company, it’s where you see the ROI on that new hire.

PlaybookBuilder was designed to truncate your onboarding efforts by capturing and sharing the best practices, stories, tools, links, guides, and process that new people need.

Think of PlaybookBuilder like a team member that does new hire orientation the same way each time and it’s always perfect and it’s always complete.  Imagine the impact on your new hire?  They’d know everything you’d need them to in order to do their job…even BEFORE their first day.   Imagine their confidence and enthusiasm and how it would impact their success and longevity with your team.

According to our clients they’re seeing a whopping 40% drop in the time it takes to onboard new people because of PlaybookBuilder.

That shift, that 40%, means that new hire is up and running almost in half the time that your people are today.

What’s that gap costing you?

If you dollarize the expense of a fully loaded employee drawing 100% of their salary but delivering 50% (or less) of their projected value to the organization…you’ll break out in hives.

Get ’em in, and get ’em onboarded faster and you’ll recover that investment dollar faster.

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